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Solid 14 karat yellow gold curved barbell, top ball and prong setting. Tear drop prong set clear gemstone. Round, bezel set clear gemstone in the top ball.

14 gauge curved barbell is available in 7/16" length. Externally threaded.

Pricing: $95.00

Ships Today

Diamond Nose Jewelry

1.5mm gemstone

Order in 18 gauge, 20 gauge or nose bone

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Most popular nose jewerly design

14 karat white or yellow gold, high polished nose rings.

1.5mm diameter, cut (not a chip) genuine diamond is bezel set, which is designed to sit flat to your nose.

Select from 18 gauge with cork screw bent (as shown) in yellow or white gold, these will ship within 48 hours. The white gold nose bone will also ship within 48 hours. $64.95:

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Quad Drop

Assembled in the USA

Clear Winners!

316L Surgical Steel Curved Barbell
Faceted Clear Gemstones
Matching Faceted Gemstone in the top ball
5mm Top ball & 8mm Bottom Ball in 316L surgical steel
Bottom design is of quality .925 Sterling silver
14 gauge barbell is available in 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" & 9/16" Lengths

Bermuda Triangle

Your Choice $19.95 each design:

Three Wolf Moon T-shirt

Three Wolf Moon

Adult S-XL $15, 2XL $17, 3XL $18:

Loving Wolves

Wolf couple t-shirt

Youth S - XL $12, Adult M-XL $15, 2XL $17, 3XL $18:

Click the necklace to see all of the months

Miss January to Miss December

Officially licensed Playboy Necklace
Shipped in licensed packaging
Pick from January Through December
The bunny eye will be the color for that months gemstone.


Crucifixion Ring

Stainless Steel
Sizes 5 - 13
Inox Brand


Model FRST1560


Piercing After care 4 oz.


#1 After care Products 

H2Ocean is the most effective product for cleansing and healing your oral and body piercing. H2Ocean's sterile piercing after care spray is the only after care product that is natural to your body.

H2Ocean increases circulation to the body piercing and accelerates the healing process. It will also help reduce lumps, scar tissue and itching.

H2Ocean is enhanced with over 60 trace elements and minerals that your body needs to grow healthy cells. Safe for all skin types and all ages.


Oral After care 8 Fl oz.


Working Handcuff Necklace

by Inox

Inox Jewelry
Stainless Steel
Working Handcuffs (both)
22" Long Chain


The handcuffs work by pushing down on a lever, to pop open. There is no key needed to work these. You lock the 2 handcuffs together to wear as a necklace. You could also use this as a key chain and connect it to a belt loop.

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Handcuff Necklace Steel

Green Threaded plugs
Neon Green Titanium Screw-On Flesh Tunnel
Unique Neon Light Cool Color
High Quality Titanium Anodizing on Stainless Steel
Easy Screw - On
Available in 8, 6, 4, 2 and 0 gauge
Sold Individually

8 thru 0 gauge $15.00 each piece

(if you need a pair, please purchase 2):

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Dirt Bag - Wear it 'til it Stinks!

Shipped in a gift package

Steel Barbell 14 gauge, 5/8"

Eagle - model BRDB2



"Pierceless" Belly Rings

Non piercing belly button rings. The surgical steel ring holds a 10mm Swalovski crystal. You will receive a tube on non-toxic glue, which will allow up to 20 applications. The belly gemstone measures 12 mm in diameter and 10mm in depth. The dolphin holds a blue heart gemstone, which matches the blue belly gem or pink the fairy with pink wings and matching pink belly gemstone. $15.00 each:

Additional tube of glue (up to 20 applications) $2.95:

Snowman belly button ring
316L Surgical Steel Curved Barbell
.925 Sterling Silver Face, Hat & Scarf
White Cat's Eye Body shows a moving white shimmer line
Clear Gemstone on the top & bottom balls
Available in a 5/16",3/8",1/2" & 9/16" length barbell.

Commitment to Excellence

Model CFS032

Mistletoe belly ring

Mistletoe belly ring

316L Surgical Steel Curved Barbell
Red and Green Epoxy coat the pewter leaves
Red faceted gemstone on the top and bottom balls
Externally threaded
Available in a 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" & 9/16" Length barbell

Model H208411FY: $16.95:

Commitment to Excellence

14 karat gold Helix (Twisty) Eyebrow Ring

2.0mm CZ gemstone is prong set. The stone is shown in clear, but is availalbe in 11 colors.

Nickel free, high polish, 14 karat solid gold curved barbell. Available in yellow or white gold.

Made in the USA, AAA quality, Nickel free gold.

16 gauge, 5/16" $159.00:

Made and shipped in 5 business days


Wear as a belly back, or belly forward chain.

Wear this with or without a belly button ring.

Adjustable waist size from 29" to 34"

Made with 316L surgical steel


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Model ESL6286

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