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Belly Ring Love

How to properly fit a belly button ring, click the above belly for details

T-Shirt division

Acrylic Claws $8.95 each

Each acrylic body jewelry claw comes with 2 black "O" rings. Sold individually

$8.95 for any size & color:

Acrylic Nails $8.95 each

Each body jewelry acrylic nail comes with 2 black "O" rings. Sold individually

$8.95 for any size & color:

Glow in the Dark Captives $8.95 each

Body Jewelry acrylic captives glow in the dark. Available in 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 gauge. Sold individually

$8.95 for any size & color:

Threaded Earlets $18.00 pair

Body Jewelry threaded earlets are made of acrylic. Available from 10 gauge to 00 gauge. Sold as a pair.

$18.00 for any size & color: