Sterling Silver and Gold Care Instructions for Body Jewelry

Sterling Silver

Your new sterling silver jewelry has been skillfully filed, sanded and buffed by a silversmith to give you a beautiful, light reflective silver setting or charm. It is up to you to properly take care of this silver to keep it looking like the day you received it.

Proper Storage:

Your sterling silver can tarnish more quickly and be subject to scratches if you do not properly store your jewelry.

Store your sterling silver jewelry in the air tight zipper bag that it was shipped in. This will keep the air from promoting tarnish and protect the piece against scratches from other jewelry. The plastic bag will also keep the silver from touching surfaces such as wood, which contain acids, and other metals that promote tarnish.

Keep your jewelry in a dark storage area. Exposure to light will increase the speed in which your jewelry will tarnish.


You may read about many different ways to clean your jewelry. These are some basic recommendations and precautions that you should follow.

Sterling silvers beauty is in the light reflective surface. To avoid scratches please only use a cleaning cloth that is unsoiled, soft, and non-abrasive.

The highest recommended product to use for removing tarnish from sterling silver jewelry is a silver cloth. Rub this cloth in a lengthwise manner, not is a circular motion which may cause scratches.

You may want to try a dip solution. Only do this if you do not have any precious stones on the jewelry. The dip solution should not be used for extended soaking, but in a dipping manner and then rinsed and dried.

Proper Use:

Always remove your sterling silver jewelry when using cleaners that contain any bleach, alcohol, polish remover, turpentine, ammonia or acetone. These can cause irreversible damage.



Wearing gold can produce a black color on the skin and jewelry. This can be caused by interaction of chlorides, oils and sulfides on the skin with the alloy material in the jewelry. This can be washed off of the skin and polished from the jewelry.

Proper Storage:

It sounds very basic, but one of the easiest ways to keep your gold jewelry beautiful is to store it in a manner where it can not rub up against other jewelry or metals. You can use the zipper bag that it arrives in to protect the gold surface and keep it air tight.


There are many was to clean your gold jewelry. If you purchase a commercial cleaner, please be sure to follow the directions. These cleansers are a mixture of mild detergent and household ammonia.

Here are some other ways to clean your gold jewelry (not to be used on pearls, opals and other soft gemstones):

- Tarnish may be cleaned using soap and water mixed with a few drops of ammonia.

- Toothpaste can be applied to an old toothbrush. Dampen and scrub the ring like you would brush your teeth. Rinse in cool water and dry.

- You can have it professionally cleaned by a jeweler.

Proper Use:

Remove your gold jewelry prior to showering, as soap forms a film that makes it appear dull and dingy.

A 14 karat gold tongue ring is not recommended for smokers, as the nicotine will cause the ring to discolor rapidly and is hard to restore the color back to normal.

14 karat gold tongue rings should also be worn for special occasions, not all of the time. Moisture can cause the ring to tarnish more quickly as can sulfides from some foods.